How to find the Best Legal Steroids in 2017 [Guide]

Finding the Best legal Steroids

If you are looking for the best legal steroids money can buy your best bet is going to be finding a time machine and travelling back to the 1970’s or 80’s, preferably any time before 1988, as it was during this period the best legal steroids available were all steroids, as they were as easy to obtain as cough drops. Check out However, times have changed and as time machines only exist in “Back to the Future” such an option is merely fantasy. In the world of anabolic steroids we have largely gone in reverse in our way of thinking; as many things in life have been led by logic and reason the topic of anabolic steroids has largely been left on the emotional playing field making the best legal steroids often very hard to find. In a very large and very real sense the era of prohibition has never ended; we’ve simply replaced alcohol with steroids and slightly changed the wording.


The prohibition era of alcohol in the U.S. lasted from 1919 until 1933, initiated and enforced by the Eighteenth Amendment and Volstead Act and repealed by the Twenty-First Amendment; fifteen years of enforcement and fifteen years of brutal debate and consequences. In the U.S. we have now already passed the twenty year mark of the prohibition era of anabolic steroids with very little change in sight but the tide is slowly shifting and more and more some of the best legal steroids are making their way to the open market. Also checkout jason’s blog

Evidence of the shifting tide, although slow can be seen by the simplest of us all in things such as “Low T” commercials as the greatest steroid of all time or at least the most important one, testosterone is becoming a regular and legal part of many lives. Not only has testosterone begun to move into the open market place so have some of the other best legal steroids available along with other powerful hormones such as the popular human growth hormone. While we are a long way away from repealing this era of prohibition all hope is not lost and there are a few things that work strongly in the favour of the anabolic steroid using world; a world that consist of over six-million American adults who supplement purely for performance enhancement. Even so, some of the best legal steroids remain unattainable in a legal fashion and many remain unavailable in total for a host of citizens.